How Much of the Real You Do People See?

Hello Strong Enough Girls,

Here at SEG, we’re fans of authentic living, so, we want to share a fun quiz we found on to help you reflect on how authentically you are living life. What does it mean to live an authentic life? Merriam Webster defines authentic as “not false or imitation: real, actual; true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.” Are you ready for the quiz?

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How did taking the quiz make you feel? What did it reveal? Do you feel it is accurate? Share with us! We’re a community. We want to support and empower girls and women to be their best selves, always. Together, we can help each other live beautifully, strongly, and authentically.

Lady O, a woman of authenticity
Lady O, a woman of authenticity

The fullness of our humanity can be expressed only when we are true to ourselves. Your real job on earth is to become more of who you really are. To live to the highest degree what is pure, what is honest, what is natural, what feels like the real you.
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