40 Days of Affirmation (Day 11: Able)

I get asked one question (in a variety of ways) a lot: “How do you do it?”

Sometimes, it’s asked as “How did you survive?” or “How is that possible?” or “How do you remain so joyful?” I ALWAYS smile in response…

Today, God is telling me that the answer to those questions is “You are ABLE.”

So, that’s the word of affirmation for today: I AM ABLE.

Whatever you might go through today, or however your day goes, remember that YOU ARE ABLE because God is able (to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask, think, or imagine). Ephesians 3:20

Here’s Charles Jenkins (and choir) with “My God is Awesome.”

Sometimes, God moves mountains in our lives… and we don’t know what to say, except “He is Able.” Because God is able, WE. ARE. ABLE.

Stay centered.

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