It’s #‎THINKABOUTIT‬ Thursday!

Happy Thursday SEGEI friends and family!

Do we have any #Scandal and #OliviaPope fans in the house?!

Today’s #THINKAboutIt question is inspired by last week’s episode of the popular US show #SCANDAL. If you are not familiar with the show, feel free to do a quick Google search. But, come back and #Engage with today’s question which is:

How can we empower women and girls to not accept being cheated on and abused?

Context: On last week’s episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope asked the ex-First lady (who is writing a book as she prepares to run for the position of President of the United States) “Why did you stay [with the President when you knew he had a mistress]?” To Ms. Pope’s surprise, the ex-First lady could not respond; she did not know why she stayed…

Kindly share your thoughts on how we can empower women and girls to not stay in bad relationships?

As always, we ask that you: 1) Share your thoughts/ideas and 2) Respect the thoughts/ideas of others. Thanks in advance for helping us learn together.

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