SEGEI with funding from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has embarked on the project: “Preventing New HIV Infections through Social Change Communication in Communities.” The project focuses on two communities in Abuja namely: Orozo and Waru. The objective of the training is to increase awareness on HIV/AIDS and to empower young people to become advocates for community solutions on HIV in both communities.

SEGEI organized a three-day training for in-school and out-of-school youths in February 2018. A total of 100 young people (boys and girls) aged 13-24 years were trained to become peer educators and more so enlightened on topics such as: Life Skills, Reproductive health, knowledge of STIs & HIV, Personal risk perception, HIV counseling & testing among others. At the end of the training, the peer educators were given a pictorial handbook which will guide them for their peer sessions.

The peer educators are expected to reach 10 peers with the expected project outcome to reach 1000 young people at the end of the one year project timeline. A monthly review of the peer sessions will be conducted for six months to ensure a greater project impact in Orozo and Waru communities.

Pictures from Trainings







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