About Us

We empower girls and women to be strong from the inside out

Strong Enough Girls’ Empowerment Initiative (SEGEI) is a women-led and youth-focused non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping girls and women in low-resource settings find their voices, access resources, and use their talents to thrive. We seek to IGNITE, NURTURE, and HARNESS the intellectual, emotional, and social strengths of adolescent girls and young women through education (formal and informal), mentorship, and life skills development. SEGEI works with government, community leaders, secondary schools, universities, and communities around Nigeria (and across Africa) to help girls practice healthy living and acquire marketable skills by educating girls on self-esteem, leadership, sexual and reproductive health, academic and career success, and promoting trans-cultural exchange. 

Our Mission

We seek to IGNITE, NURTURE, and HARNESS the intellectual and social strengths of adolescent girls and young women through education, mentorship, and life skills development to promote strong character, excellence, good health, and community among girls.


SEGEI envisions an equitable world where every girl and woman feels supported and empowered to reach her full potential.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of working collaboratively to bring about transformation and sustainable development in girls, women, and their communities.

Our Story

The Strong Enough Girls’ Empowerment Initiative (SEGEI) began with 10 adolescent girls in Kisumu, Kenya. During her first trip to the country in the summer of 2012, SEGEI Founder, Onyinye Edeh, had an opportunity to sit down for lunch with adolescent girls who shared their life stories and the challenges they face as girls in their schools and communities. The encounter and the stories the girls shared awakened Onyinye to the harsh realities of girls’ lives and their vulnerabilities, particularly in developing countries. Most importantly, Onyinye realized the crucial need for girls in low-resourced communities to have access to role models and mentors who can advise them and provide positive guidance as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Upon her return to the U.S., Onyinye began a letter-writing initiative between her female friends and the Kenyan girls to provide sustained mentorship and friendship to the girls. The letters helped nurture sisterhood bonds between the adult women and adolescent girls, and proved to be a valuable tool for empowerment. A blog site was soon set up to share more inspirational girl-centered posts. Following a one-year experience with adolescent girls in Nigeria in 2015, Onyinye was encouraged to register SEGEI as a non-profit initiative with the aim of empowering women and addressing the everyday challenges that adolescent girls in low-resource settings face, namely the denial of their human rights to education, good health, and social empowerment. The name Strong Enough Girls reflects Onyinye’s desire to empower girls and young women to knowfeel, and see that they are/can be strong enough to be who they are, pursue big dreams, and resist societal norms/pressures.

Meet Our Executive Team

Board of Directors

Onyinye Edeh

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer

Hon. Abiodun Essiet

Board Chair

Ibiba Bullba Edeh

Board Member

Bose Deji-Oderinde

Board Member

Grace Uwadiale

Board Member

Dr. Benita Ikegwuoha

Board Member

Management Staff

Onyinye Edeh


Onyinye is the Founder of SEGEI. She is a Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist and innovative Social Entrepreneur with over 10 years of domestic and international health experience and a contagious commitment to advancing adolescent and women’s sexual and reproductive health, girls’ education, and youth empowerment. She holds a Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology & Anthropology from the University of Washington-Seattle and Agnes Scott College (Decatur, GA, USA), respectively.

Queen C Ugwoeru

Executive Director

Queen is the Executive Director at SEGEI whereby she plans, designs, and supervises health and education programs that improve the well-being of adolescent girls and young women. Queen is a gender equality advocate and is passionate about empowering adolescent girls and women, especially in Africa, with the required skills to thrive and aspire to become leaders in society. She has a B.Tech in Biochemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria.

Solomon Sampson

Finance Officer

Solomon Sampson is a Finance Officer at SEGEI who is in charge of the organization’s financial management. He’s a graduate of Accounting with a special interest in politics. He strongly believes in gender equality as a means through which both genders can give out to society through their wealth of knowledge. His philosophy is “Dress the way you want to feel and not the way you’re presently feeling.”

Oluwatosin Omiyale

Education Program Coordinator

Tosin is the Education Program Coordinator at SEGEI, where she coordinates the implementation of programs aimed at empowering girls and young women, monitors progress, and evaluates impact to ensure effectiveness. She builds and maintains partnerships with organizations and community groups to leverage resources and expand outreach. Additionally, she advocates for girls’ rights and raises awareness about gender equality. She holds a B.Sc. in Human Anatomy from the University of Ilorin and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion at the University of Zaria.