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I am POWER. the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality. We’re halfway into this week. Let’s affirm our strength and ROAR as we navigate the rest of the week 🙂 Stay fierce.

Good: that which is morally right; righteousness. Ever feel down on your luck, to the point that you question your goodness? Ever find yourself saying “maybe I wasn’t good enough?” While no one is perfect, we were all born to be good. Today, join me in affirming: I AM GOOD. (As in, pat yourself on …

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We’ve all been born into this world to serve a purpose. What is your purpose? Today, no matter how you’re feeling, know that there is a purpose for you breathing this moment. So, affirm with me: I am Purpose. As Yolanda Adams sings (below) “If something deep inside keeps inspiring you to try, don’t stop.” …

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I am JOY! That’s our affirmation for today! What thoughts, words, feelings, or people come to mind when you think of the word JOY? Here’s Stephen Curtis Chapman with a joyful song: Embrace Joy!

Today, in the US, we commemorate the life and legacy of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As I reflect on who Dr. King was, and the impact his life continues to have around the world, I am inspired to affirm “I am Courage.” Dr. King’s courage allowed him to make every day …

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