Preparing the next generation of
women leaders for Africa’s future

Evolve is a mentorship and leadership program of Strong Enough Girls’ Empowerment Initiative (SEGEI) that connects women aged 18-35 years to outstanding female professionals who provide real-world leadership and career inspiration, advice and guidance to support them on their life journeys. Evolve provides a safe virtual and in-person environment that allows recent university graduates and young women professionals to be open and proactive about the challenges and successes they face in their personal, academic and professional lives. Inspired by the vast and growing number of emerging young female leaders and the dearth of intra and inter mentorship amongst women, Evolve seeks to nurture stronger community for and by women on their journeys to becoming all they desire to become. The program is keen on mentoring African/Black young women, but is open to young women of all ethnicities/nationalities and abilities. Evolve supports the SEGEI vision of an equitable world where every girl and woman feels supported and empowered to reach her full potential.


To equip young women aged 18-35 years with real-world personal development and career knowledge, skills, and resources to lead and live healthy productive lives in order to advance the achievement of sustainable development goal 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


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Program Fee: N30,000 Nigerian Naira | $85 USD

The EMP was an amazing experience for me. I have become more intentional about my career growth and more accountable to my set goals. The community of successful women inspires me alot. The personal stories of success by the mentors give me the motivation not to give up

Ibukun Babarinde

2019 Mentee

The EMP taught me to stay resilient. After 40 rejection letters in the span of 3 years, I got something I've wanted for a long time. With guidance, leadership and firm encouragement from my EMP mentors. I stayed on course and put to practice every idea, advice, insight and tips given during the mentorship program and got my heart desire. I received a full scholarship to study a Master's degree in Netherland

Taiwo Racheal Adetunji

2019 Mentee

I made SMARTer career choices. I decided to pursue my purpose afraid. I am managing my timewisely and using ICT to make my work easier. I identified my strengths and weaknessess

2019 Mentee