Host: Welcome to the indi-genius podcast. A podcast series using creative oral storytelling to document
and share real-life experiences of grassroots family planning leaders in Nigeria and the Republic of Niger;
with the aim of facilitating knowledge exchange and highlighting what works and what doesn’t in
reproductive health programming. I am your host Seyi Bolaji, on today’s episode, we travel to the town
of Afigbo in Ebonyi state, South-east Nigeria, the hometown of our youth champion, Eze Ikechukwu
Julius. This is Ikechukwu’s story, come with me

My name is Eze Ikechukwu Julius. I am currently 35 years old. I am an indigene of Amaozara
-Ozizza in Afikpo, Afikpo North LGA in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
A group of young female students were making ridicule of their fellow female student in SS3
saying *_She no know way_*, *_she no know way_* (O maro way). I decided to ascertain why
they were making such remarks. I was shocked to discover the very girl being referred to was
pregnant. I was dumbfounded.
From that day, I made up my mind to be an advocate for Family planning and reproductive
health. I work with Excellent Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) for HIV Testing
Services (HTS). I also partner with an NGO on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) to educate young
people and our community on family planning and reproductive health.
The situation of this young female student started when the school organized extra moral
classes to adequately prepare the students for their SSCE. The students returned home beyond
the normal dismissal period. Yes! She got a boyfriend and along the line, they had sex which
resulted in pregnancy unknowingly. She fell ill after some weeks. The parents took her to a
Chemist at a Pharmacy who administered some medication to her but all to no avail. She was
taken to the hospital where she underwent a pregnancy test. The results showed she was

The doctor invited the mother, on breaking the news to the woman…she was devastated.
Young people should know the difference between family planning and the termination of
pregnancy. Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the
interval between their birth. Birth control on the other hand is devices/methods or sexual
practices to prevent pregnancy. Family planning and reproductive health are not only meant for
married couples; young people should also practice family planning to prevent unwanted
pregnancy and Sexually transmitted diseases.
_E no know way_ means that the person is ignorant and needs sexuality education.
The government at all levels should ensure that Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is
implemented in schools. The Guidance and Counseling Department should be revived.
Members of the public should be properly sensitized to family planning and reproductive health.
Host: Wow, great story Ikechukwu. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is important and this
should be included in the curriculum and taught in our schools. Teachers should be deliberate in
educating students about this.
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1. Family planning services and methods aren’t meant for only married couples; Young
people should be allowed to freely practice family planning in other to prevent unwanted
pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
2. We call on the federal government to improve budgetary allocations and timely response
of funds for health interventions, particularly for family planning, nutrition, and primary
health care.
3. The federal and state government must invest in the health of young people by ensuring
that all primary health care centres are adequately staffed, equipped and functional to
provide access to sexual and reproductive health services


Eze Ikechukwu Julius


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