Strong Enough Girls

SEGEI is a women-led non-profit organization dedicated to helping girls and young women in low-resource and marginalized settings find their voices, access resources, and use their talents to thrive. We seek to IGNITE, NURTURE, and HARNESS the intellectual, emotional, and social strengths of adolescent girls and young women through education (formal and informal), mentorship, and life skills development.

Purple Ball 2020

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a day to acknowledge progress and gaps in advancing women’s rights and to celebrate women globally. To commemorate the day, Strong Enough Girls’ Empowerment Initiative (SEGEI) and Glamorous Mothers Development Initiative (GLAMODI) hosted their 3rd annual Purple Ball at the Hotel Rosebud (former Nanet Suites) in Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.