Life Skills Development

Teach a girl to fish and her community will thrive

SEGEI desires for girls and young women to have skills and opportunities that advance their social and economic well-being and allow them to thrive. We partner with local groups including government agencies and ministries, community organizations, religious institutions and individuals to provide girls and young women with entrepreneurial/vocational and life skills training. We provide safe spaces for adolescent girls and young women to find and share their voices while building community and we conduct leadership workshops to build girls’ self-esteem and social skills. We believe that an empowered girl is a beautiful girl.

SEG Clubs

Knowing the value that support groups have on helping girls grow positively, SEGEI will implement SEG clubs in public secondary schools in Nigeria and Kenya to provide safe spaces for girls to discuss issues that affect their lives. These clubs aim to promote community among secondary school girls and imbibe them with academic and leadership skills for success. The clubs will host monthly meetings and events featuring lectures, workshops, and leadership activities. Mentees and mentors have opportunities to practice their leadership and communication skills as they lead and direct the activities of the club and exchange information with peers.

SEG Fora

We offer girl fora for out-of-school adolescent girls to build community amongst themselves and equip them with relevant skills to ensure that they are able to make good health and life decisions.

Summer Leadership and Skills Camp (Africademy)

In August each year, SEGEI will host a four-week leadership and skills camp for adolescent girls and young women (13-25 years) with the goal of empowering them with leadership, health, and vocational skills. This camp has a particular emphasis on teaching girls to be technologically savvy by exposing them to information, communication and technology experts and training.

SEG Leaders

The SEG Leaders program connects women leaders in diverse fields to learn from and mentor/coach each other while building community amongst women. We value very much cohesiveness among women and strive to create safe environments and connections that allow women leaders to be open and vulnerable about the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives.